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There are many benefits that come with surfing the web anonymously.

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The easiest proxy service is the Web proxy. With a Web proxy, you simply enter the URL of the Web proxy service, and then, on their site, enter the URL of the site to which you want to connect. Web proxies come in four flavors: transparent, anonymous, distorting, and high anonymity (hianon for short). The Transparent, anonymous, and distorting proxies announce that they are a proxy server. While high anonymity proxies hide that they are actually acting as a proxy. Transparent proxies really do nothing to hide your IP address. Distorting proxies provide a fake address in the request headers, while anonymous and high anonymity proxies truly hide your IP address, with the address of the proxy server. There is a security risk to using anonymous proxy servers in that any personal information, such as passwords, pass through the server as unencrypted. It is best to use a hianon proxy server that encrypts your information.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) proxy facilities are deeply swap ball game. VPN operates at a much belittle level. With a VPN proxy you are sending all Internet traffic through a single encrypted tunnel to the VPN server. Corporations often use VPN to member taking place snobbish devices to the corporate network. You can use the same technology to attach to a VPN proxy server that moreover routes your traffic to the Internet.

For a Web proxy, I use Hide My Ass, as it is a high anonymity proxy service. They also provide a browser extension for Firefox and Google Chrome that makes connecting to the Web proxy easier, as you just need to click the icon and enter the URL in the dialog box, or enter the URL as follows: hma (the space between hma and the URL is critical). The problems with Web proxies are that they do not handle all media types (such as Adobe Flash), and some sites, such as YouTube, complain that there are two many connections from the same IP address. Web proxies only work when you connect to Web sites that support simple HTML, and do not ask for personal information.